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Updated 4/24/17

Our Price List
Breaded Pork Tenderloins
4oz Retail Fritters (Store Pack) 4 PackVIEW$2.95
4oz Regular Loins  DOZVIEW$9.00
5oz Oval Loins  DOZVIEW$10.00
5oz "Medium" Loins  DOZVIEW$11.00
6oz Square Loins  DOZVIEW$12.00
8oz Square Loins  DOZVIEW$14.00
8oz Bigfoot Loins  DOZ  (Pictured Below)VIEW$14.00
8oz Super Bigfoot (Box)  4 Pack  (Pictured Below)VIEW$4.99
8oz Large Sliced "Black 4" Loins
Whole Loin/Sliced & Tenderized  DOZ
8oz Large Sliced "Tackle Box" Loins
Whole Loin/Sliced & Tenderized/Contains < 30% Breading  DOZ
5oz Unbreaded Tenderloins  DOZVIEW$16.50
10oz Giant Loins  DOZVIEW$18.00
Other Breaded Products
3.5oz Pizza Burgers  DOZVIEW$8.50
5oz Chicken Fried Steaks  DOZVIEW$9.50
Breaded Chicken Gizzards  5# BagVIEW$15.50
Ground Products
Beef Patties  4oz, 5oz or 8ozVIEW$3.99 /LB
Pork Patties  5ozVIEW$2.99 /LB
OUR OWN Pork Breakfast SausageVIEW$2.99 /LB
OUR OWN Pork Breakfast Sausage Patties  9-1#VIEW$3.19 /LB
OUR OWN Italian SausageVIEW$2.99 /LB
OUR OWN Italian Sausage Patties  4oz or 5ozVIEW$3.19 /LB
OUR OWN Pork & Bacon Sausage VIEW$3.19 /LB
OUR OWN Chorizo Sausage VIEW$3.59 /LB
OUR OWN Bratwurst Patties VIEW$3.19 /LB
OUR OWN Bratwurst Links VIEW$3.49 /LB
Ground PorkVIEW$2.49 /LB
OUR OWN Bronze Medal Ground BeefVIEW$3.59 /LB
OUR OWN Silver Medal Ground BeefVIEW$3.79 /LB
OUR OWN Gold Medal Ground BeefVIEW$3.99 /LB
Ham, Beef & Pork Mix (for Hamloaf)VIEW$2.79 /LB
Smoked & Cured Products
OUR OWN Smoked Pork BaconVIEW$4.49 /LB
OUR OWN Smoked Beef BaconVIEW$5.49 /LB
OUR OWN Fully Cooked Pork RibsVIEW$5.49 /LB
OUR OWN Smoked Pulled PorkVIEW$5.49 /LB
OUR OWN Beef Sticks (Original)VIEW$7.49 /LB
OUR OWN Beef Sticks (Cheddar Cheese/Pepper Jack Cheese/HOT available)VIEW$8.49 /LB

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