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As of 2/1/18

Breaded Products
Brew City® Beer Battered Onion Rings2.5# bag$9.99
Anchor® Cheddar Nuggets3# bag$16.50
Oceanwave® Breaded Butterfly Shrimp 16/20ct3# box$20.95
Perdue® Chicken Strips5# bag$21.00
Anchor® Stuffed Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers4# box$22.96
Tyson® Chicken Livers5# bag$17.59
NORTHCOTE Chicken Gizzards5# bag$17.50
Anchor® Breaded Mushrooms2.5# bag$9.99
Brakebush® Chicken Sandwiches 4oz5# bag$25.50
Anchor® Dill Pickle Spears4# bag$14.79
Anchor® Cheddar Cauliflower3# bag$9.99
Anchor® Mozzerella Cheese Sticks4# box$20.89
Anchor® Breaded Mac & Cheese Wedges3# bag$15.70
Golden Crisp® Breaded Sweet Corn Nuggets2# bag$6.22
Moore® Texas Toothpicks2# bag$8.50
Icelandic® Cod Fish Squares 4ozeach$1.75
Rapid Russet® 5/16" Crinkle Cut French Fry5# bag$4.50
Pennant® 1/4" Straight Cut French Fry4.5# bag$4.00
McCain® 3/8" Battered Straight Cut French Fry4.5# bag$4.50
Lamb Weston® Seasoned Potato Wedges5# bag$8.00
Lamb Weston® Seasoned Curly French Fry5# bag$8.25
Simplot® Shredded Hashbrowns3# bag$4.00
Northcote® Breakfast Sausage SeasoningPer LB$8.00
Northcote® Italian Sausage SeasoningPer LB$8.00
Northcote® Bar-Be-Que Seasoning RubPer LB$8.00
Blues Hog® Bar-Be-Que Sauce1 Pint$4.95
Blues Hog® Honey Mustard BBQ1 Pint$4.95
Blues Hog® Tennessee Red1 Pint$4.95
Blues Hog® Smokey Mountain1 Pint$4.95
Cookies® Original Bar-Be-Que Sauce1 Gallon$11.89
Cookies® Flavor Enhancer18oz$8.95
Heinz® Ketchup114 oz$5.99
Heinz® Mustard104 oz$5.99
Fry Krisp® Batter Mix5# bag$9.95
Heinz® Pump (for ketchup/mustard)-$7.00

Also providing many products not listed.

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